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Licensed & Insured

Choosing a licensed and insured locksmith provides significant advantages in terms of trustworthiness and security. A licensed locksmith has undergone the necessary training and background checks, ensuring they have the expertise to handle your lock and key needs proficiently.

avi g locksmith 4720 se 15th ave ste 113.jpg
avi g locksmith 4720 se 15th ave ste 113.jpg

🔐 Secure Your Home with Professional House Locks Change
At Avi G Locksmith, we specialize in providing top-tier house locks change services throughout Lee County.

Understanding the importance of your home’s security, we offer a wide range of high-quality locks to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re upgrading for enhanced security, replacing outdated locks, or responding to a recent security threat, our team is equipped to ensure your home is safeguarded with the best locking systems available.

avi g locksmith 4720 se 15th ave ste 113.jpg
avi g locksmith 4720 se 15th ave ste 113.jpg
avi g locksmith 4720 se 15th ave ste 113.jpg
avi g locksmith 4720 se 15th ave ste 113.jpg

Why Choose Avi G Locksmith for Your House Locks Change?
Wide Variety of High-Quality Locks: Choose from an extensive selection of the latest and most reliable locks.
Expert Installation: Our skilled locksmiths ensure your new locks are installed precisely and function optimally.
Tailored Security Solutions: We assess your specific security needs to recommend the most suitable locks for your home.

Our Service Areas

Fort Myers

DownTown, Dunbar, Botanica Lakes, Olympia Pointe, Edison, Harlem, Pine Manor, Whiskey Creek, The Forum, San Carlos Park, Parker Lakes, Paseo, Lakeview, Kelly Greens, Villas, Gateway, Shores, Tice, Laguna Lakes, Cypress Lake, Buckingham.

Cape Coral

DownTown, Ashbury, Bella Vida, Blackdurn, Cape Harbour, Capy Royal, Coral Lakes, Cornwallis, Emerald cove, Harbour Preserve, Heatherwood Lakes, Kismet Lakes, Palaco Grande, Palmetto Pines, Sandoval, Tarpon Point, Trafalgar, Yacht Club.

other cities

North Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Pine Island, Bokeelia, matlacha, St. James City, Sanibel, Captiva, Lehigh Acres, Olga, Alva, Estero, Bonita Springs, Naples.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What Type of Locks Should I Install on My House?
The type of lock you should install depends on several factors, including your security needs, door type, and budget. Common options include deadbolts, smart locks, and keyless entry systems. We can help assess your situation and recommend the best locks for your home’s security.

2. Why Is It Important to Have a Locksmith Install the Locks on My House?
Having a professional locksmith install your locks ensures that the job is done correctly and securely. Locksmiths have the expertise to properly fit and align locks, reducing the risk of malfunction or compromise. They can also offer valuable advice on maintaining your home’s security.

3. What Is the Difference Between Lock Rekeying and New Lock Change?
Lock Rekeying: This involves altering the lock mechanism so that a new key can operate it, while the lock itself remains the same. It’s a cost-effective option if your locks are in good condition but you need to change who has access.
New Lock Change: This involves replacing the entire lock with a new one. It’s ideal for upgrading to a more secure lock, changing lock styles, or replacing worn-out locks.

avi g locksmith 4720 se 15th ave ste 113.jpg
avi g locksmith 4720 se 15th ave ste 113.jpg

Residential Lock Replacement

When is the time to change locks?

The security of your home is of utmost importance, and one crucial aspect of it is the integrity of your house locks. Over time, locks can deteriorate, become less reliable, or suffer damage, compromising the safety of your property. Recognizing the signs indicating when it's time to replace your house locks is essential for maintaining a secure living environment. In this article, we will explore several key indicators that can help you determine if it's time to replace your locks and ensure the continued safety of your home.

Knowing When It's Time to Replace Your House Locks

1. Age of the Locks:
One of the primary factors to consider when assessing the need for lock replacement is the age of your current locks. Most locks have a lifespan of around 7 to 10 years. If your locks are older than this, it's wise to consider replacing them, as wear and tear over time can significantly compromise their effectiveness. Newer locks often come with advanced security features that provide enhanced protection against modern threats.

2. Key-related Issues:
If you experience difficulties when inserting or turning your key, it could be a sign that your lock is worn out or damaged. Key-related issues such as sticking, difficulty in fully inserting the key, or excessive jiggling should not be ignored. Such problems may indicate internal damage or misalignment within the lock mechanism. It's advisable to have a professional locksmith inspect the lock and recommend replacement if necessary.

3. Physical Damage:
Any visible physical damage to your locks should be taken seriously. If you notice signs of forced entry, corrosion, rust, or a significant amount of wear, it's time to consider replacing the lock. Damaged locks are more susceptible to manipulation, and their effectiveness in preventing unauthorized access can be compromised.

4. Lost or Stolen Keys:
Misplacing your keys or having them stolen poses a serious security risk. Even if you retrieve your lost keys, it's impossible to know if duplicates were made without your knowledge. To maintain the security of your home, it's advisable to replace the locks and ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your property.

5. Upgrading Security:
As technology evolves, so do the methods employed by criminals to bypass traditional locks. If you haven't updated your locks in a while, it might be an opportune time to consider upgrading to more secure options. High-security locks, such as electronic or smart locks, provide additional layers of protection and convenience. These advanced systems often offer features like keyless entry, remote access, and activity monitoring, offering peace of mind and improved security for your home.

6. Moving to a New Property:
When you move into a new home or apartment, replacing the locks should be a priority. You cannot be certain how many copies of the keys are circulating among previous occupants, contractors, or real estate agents. Changing the locks ensures that you have sole control over who can access your property, providing a fresh start and enhanced security.

Recognizing the signs that it's time to replace your house locks is essential for maintaining a safe and secure living environment. By considering factors such as age, key-related issues, physical damage, lost or stolen keys, the need for security upgrades, and moving to a new property, you can take proactive steps to ensure the protection of your home and loved ones. Avi G Locksmith in Cape Coral can help you choose the most appropriate lock replacements and bolster the security of your property for years to come.

Our Locksmith Services



  • Car Key Replacement

  • Keyless Remotes

  • Remote Head Keys

  • Proximity Keys

  • Key Programming

  • Ignition Repairs

  • Broken Key Extract

  • Chip Key Cloning


  • Store Front Locks

  • Commercial Re Key

  • Office Lock Change

  • Master Key System

  • Business Lock Repair

  • Do Not Duplicate keys

  • Office Locks Repair

  • Panic Bar installation


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