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1.28.22 update

Car Key Replacement - 2001 Chrysler Sebring Convertible

In order to get a spare key to Sebring car, We had to program another chip key to the car's memory. The customer was happy that he could come to our shop on Cape Coral Parkway and within 10 minutes we duplicate his old key and created another transponder that start the car. 

You always want to have 2 keys in hand. just in case of locking the keys in the car or even loosing one pair will still be helpful to have another spare key in stock. 

We provide you ONLY with high quality transponder key, for affordable price to match your budget. 

2001 chrysler sebring key duplicate.jpg

This time we got a customer at our shop on Cape Coral Parkway with 2019 Chevy Silverado and He wanted an extra keyless remote to his pick up turck.

Obviously, We pull up our high quality replacement remote and connected our computer to his car, we wrote down another fob the the car memory and tested the Lock, Unlock, Remote start, and panic. all works perfect. 

We have almost any Chevy car key and remote. Event the push to start key fobs for newer models, we have them all. 

You can always give us a call to get an estimate on adding a key to your car or creating brand new key replacement in the case of loosing the only key. 

Thank you.

2019 Silverado key fob.jpg
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