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Residential Locksmith Services

Your home is your safe place, your quite spot to relax and enjoy life. Security should be your top priority. You don't want to find out that someone else have the keys to your house.

Emergency Residential Lockout

Getting locked out of your home is one of the worst feeling, especially when you're tired and want to take a shower and go to bed, or even when coming back from the store with melting ice cream, You want to find the fastest Residential Locksmith in your area to let you in. 

There's importance of choosing the right residential technician that is well trained to pick house locks, and deal with multiple type of home locks without damaging the keyhole by drilling.

Some locksmiths will try to drill your lock in order to charge an extra labor price and than sell you a new lock and maybe re key it to match the other locks.

Avi G Locksmith is well trained to handle any house lockout services without damaging the lock, leaving you with a peace of mind that your home will stay safe and secure. Our stuff are trained to pick residential locks quick and easy. 

Residential Lock re key

House locks meant to keep unwanted personal out of your home. The key combination in the lock meant to define your combination from your next door neighbor. That way, your house key will not operate your neighbor's locks and his keys will not unlock your home.

Many times when buying a house, you get a key but this key works only on a few of the locks in the house, and when trying to contact the seller he doesn't have any other keys for the residential property, so you end up using only a few doors in the house and avoiding entrance through the other doors. 

In this case our residential locksmith  technician can come to your house, remove the locks and open and change the key combination in the way that your main house key will operate all the locks around the house.

This service called Re Key, when you don't need to purchase a new lock, we'll open it and change the combination.

The Re Key service can also be provided when you purchase a new house and you don't know if the seller or any of his family members have a key to your house. we'll come and re key the locks, and create a whole new combination, that way whoever have the residential key, this will not work anymore and only the keys that we'll provide you - will work. 

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House Lockout Services

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Locks Rekey and Rpair

  • Changing your key combination.

  • Providing extra keys

  • Residential re key system

  • Matching all the locks in your house.

  • Preventing form preview key owners, access to your home.

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Simple and Electronic locks

Locks Change Services

Florida is well know for its humidity. Part of the pros about leaving in Florida, is the weather, but the typical residential locks don't like this humid weather. the locks are getting corroded and after a while you feel that it's getting harder to turn the key in your front door. or even worse, the key broke in the lock. 

Avi G Locksmith Residential team will provide you a better grade replacement house lock and make sure they are installed correctly to make sure you and your family are well secured. 

Our lock change service is simple, we'll come to you with multiple options to choose from, we'll install only the best quality replacement locks that will fit your budget and lifestyle.

Electronic locks programming

It is way more easy and convenient to have electronic lock in your front door, you don't have the hassle of carrying the keys and you can simply insert a code to unlock your home. 

When you're out of town and you need to let someone in your condo, you can set up a specific guest code and erase it when they leave, or even if you have a renter, you can create a code and delete it at any time. 

You can store multiple codes in one residential lock. There's also an option to use a key, in case that the battery is went dead.

Our locksmith techs are professional in installing those home electric locks and program it to your need, When our Residential locksmith technician is coming to you, he'll install the new programmable lock and also well give you a complete course how to operate the lock and change the codes by yourself, as well as type of battery needed in order to maintain a good life for the lock.

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Custom Key Duplicate

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