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Automotive Locksmith Services

Working as an Automotive locksmith technician is not always simple, we need to be ready to emergency calls and drive to a job site right away, We never know the situation if you lock out in the sun or need to catch a flight.

We have a mobile automotive locksmith in Fort Myers and Cape Coral area.

We know, not all people have spare key for their cars, and sometimes in life, you get distracted and leave you keys in the ignition or on your car seat and lock the door behind you, that can be very annoying especially if you are in a hurry to pick up your kids from school or to get to work on time. 

We understand the importance of providing a fast service to unlock your car and we prioritize Automotive lockouts services above any other job. We'll get you on the road as fast as we can.

We'll never damage your automotive door lock or window. We have the latest picking tools in the market to unlock any car, truck, bus, van and even semi trucks. we just pick the door lock open. In a few cases we use special air bags to make a bit of space in the door in order to unlock the car from inside.

In case that the keys are locked in the car, you can count on us to come and retrieve your keys as soon as possible,

Even the new automotive like 2021 Toyota Corolla, that if you lock the keys in the trunk, there's no option to get it out without creating a key blank, in case you lock the keys in the trunk of your car, we are well equipped with machines to be able to cut another key on the spot in order to release the trunk button and get you keys out of the car. 

Car Key Replacement

Whenever you have only one key, either by loosing on pair of keys or this is how you purchased the car, with only one copy, Avi G Locksmith can duplicate a spare key for you fast and easy.

We do hold in stock metal keys, for most cars that doesn't require a chip key, most cars before 1995, we can also cut those key replacement blank to fit your newer model above 1995 to work as a spare key for you door, it will unlock your car in case of an emergency. 

We do carry, most transponder chip keys for most Automotive models, and we have the latest software in the market in order to program the keys to your car. 

When you need a car key replacement you always want to check around for the best most trained locksmith technician that can come to your location and program the replacement keys to you car, the reason is because some car models, in order to write another key to the memory - the locksmith will have to erase the memory of the immobilizer information and re write the new replacement key.

We strongly recommend to get car key replacement services from a reputable locksmith, and you always want to get from local people with a store front, that can guarantee the work done. 

Ignition key extraction and ignition repair

Your car key is acting up? sometime turn the ignition lock and sometime you need to play is it? don't wait any longer and call a licensed Automotive locksmith technician. If you wait for too long, you ending up with a key breaking into the lock or not turning the ignition at all.

At Avi G Locksmith we have the answer to those 2 issues. We can extract your broken key out of the lock, than create another replacement key and get you back on the road, and we can also repair your ignition to make sure your key doesn't get stuck anymore.

Special tools needed to extract a broken key out of the ignition, don't risk the whole ignition cylinder in order to try to do it yourself. Ignition lock replacement can be costly and we try our best to save your existing ignition before offering a new ignition.

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Professional Lockout Services

How to unlock my car?
We're sure it a question that came your mind while getting stuck outside and locking your keys inside your car.
This is an emergency situation that any one should anticipate in advance.
First check if you have a spare key somewhere that you can pick up and unlock your car without the need of a licensed locksmith.
Some of the locksmiths will use a slimjim on your car to unlock it, but there's some risk of disengaging the rod that unlocks the door and you'll not be able to unlock it later on.
Another option is to pop the door a bit with airbags and reach from inside.
If you try to do it your self you may gonna damage the door or scratch the paint (See photo).
The best way will be to call Avi G Locksmith in Fort Myers.
We pick almost any car lock open, without banding or risking any parts of your car. we simply use picking tool to turn the lock like a key.
So, In case of an emergency lockout, Give us a call and we'll be on our way.


Automotive Lockout Services

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Car Key Replacement

  • Metal keys for older models.

  • Metal keys for car doors.

  • Emergency keys.

  • Valet keys.

  • Chip keys.

  • key programming.

  • Remote keys.

  • High security key fob.

  • Push to start keys.

  • All keys lost  - we come to you and create a key from scratch.

Key Extractions Services.jpg

Key Extraction - Ignition repair

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