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Commercial Lever Handle Grade 2

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Commercial Master Key

Weather you have a small office, major complex building or a few stores, We can handle any type of job. We'll come to you for a free quote, We can handle any commercial re key services in Lee County area. 

We offer Master key system that you can rely on. You do not need to carry too many keys. we can adjust all the locks to fit your master key, while your employees gets regular keys.

Master Key Service

Re keying

Creating the set up

Creating Multi Master 

Master key with restrictions

Custom key blank

We'll come to your place of business to check all the locks needs to be re key. We'll fit the best and most affordable result to fill your security needs.

In case you have a manager , or maintenance person who needs a master key to unlock specific doors, but restricted to other doors - we can create a few levels of commercial master key system, some with restrictions and some without. 

We chose a specific key blank that hardware stores does not carry. So you can have the peace of mind, that even if you give your employee a key, they'll not be able to duplicate it without a written letter and a code.

Do Not Duplicate

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