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Commercial Locksmith Services

As a business owner, you don't need to be worry about handing out keys to an employee, Avi G Commercial Locksmith Services got your back. We'll take care of the key copies and re key service in case your business let someone go.

Commercial lockout services

Your business is your source of income and when your office is close and you cannot work - you want to make sure you have an access to your business at all times. But life bring different issues to your door step literally, you where in a hurry to open your store on time and you forgot your store key on the kitchen counter. you need a good commercial tech to come ASAP and unlock your store right away.

We love helping local businesses and put them in our priority services. When you need emergency lockout service for your business, you can count on us to come right away and pick the lock and let you in.

We do our best not to damage any components of the door lock and we can pick most of commercial locks with no problem. We proud to be on of the fastest respond companies in Lee Count. Try us.

Re keying Commercial locks

Part of doing business and succeeding, is making mistakes, sometime you need to let an employee go and they don't bring your office key back, at Avi G Locksmith we don't want you to worry about this small things and keep looking at the big picture

We'll come to you in the same day and service your store locks, we'll take it apart and change the existing key combination with a completely new key combination. Our Commercial Services aiming to help other business to keep growing without worrying about the small things. 

We have the most updated equipment to rekey the office in no time and provide your with commercial keys right away. that way the old keys will not work anymore. 


Commercial Doors Unlock 

  • First priority to lockout services.

  • We'll come ASAP to let you in.

  • Damage free service.

  • Latest picking equipment.

  • Well trained technicians.


Commercial Rekey & Repair

  • replacing key combinations.

  • providing with new keys.

  • Do not duplicate keys. 

  • Store front lock re key

  • Matching front and back doors.

  • Employee keys and master key.


Business lock change

  • Installing new commercial locks.

  • Upgrade the security.

  • Replacing faulty locks with new.

  • Re keying new locks to match the old keys.

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