Q: Did you or someone in your family get locked out of the house or lose the house keys?


A: No problem. Our technicians can be there FAST. We are a local company located in lee county and this is the only area we service. we are experts at picking residential locks, without damaging them. Our technicians also carry all the equipment necessary to duplicate house keys. 



Q: You bought a new house. congratulations! But do you realize that the previous owner has access to your new house? And does the house have a mail box with a lock?


A: If this is an emergency situation, our technicians can be there almost immediately. Since this is USUALLY not an emergency situation, we can save you money by scheduling an appointment at your convenience. There are two options. Our technicians can either change all the locks or re-key the existing locks, and provide you with a new key. we also provide new mail box installation with keys. 


Q: Does your key have "separation anxiety" and get stuck in the lock? The lock doesn't turn or is difficult  to turn?


A: Sometimes this is an emergency situation. if it is, our technicians can be on site in a matter of minutes with the equipment needed to handle any of these problems. And, if it's not an emergency, we can schedule an appointment at your convenience and save you money.



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