Have a Defiant deadbolt? this lock has 5 pins combination inside. You can get a new lock at Home Depot. when you buy this new lock it comes with the lock cylinder, the deadbolt, the latch mechanism and 4 screws.


Tools you will need:


  • Phillips screw driver.



The lock replacement should take about 10 minutes. make sure you have the the tool needed to preform the job and all the part that comes with the new lock.


Good "lock".

1.  Remove the old deadbolt lock


To replace the lock you will have to lock the door (because you are working from both side of the door - make sure to leave the door open and on lock position.) Only when it's locked you can unscrew the 2 phillips screws on the deadbolt mechanism. 

1) turn the Deadbolt to lock position.
2) Unscrew the 2 phillips screws.