Metal head H60/H54

H-60/54 is a metal key that use on the door and the ignition. there is 10 cuts on the key, that mean we have 10 different numbers for a key combination. 


what make's this key a "big work" is that there is only 6 pins in the door lock, pins number 1-6 and the ignition has different numbers. from 5-10. 


the main issue is that if we will take the door lock apart and try to read the combination, there is still 4 numbers missing on the ignition key replacement. 


and if we'll take the ignition apart, it will give us only cuts 5-10 and it won't work on the door. 


Our special locksmith tech has the right tool to read the door and the ignition fast and easy without destroying or replacing any locks.


Flat rate is something important in this business and we keep our word on selling the right product for the right price. 


Our work guaranty that the key will work on the door and the ignition. 


ther's additional $15 carge for trip charge. 


condition to make the key:


  • Must present valid Registration or title
  • Must present owner's picture id or copy
  • Must have original locks, same key for doors and ignition.

we gave our customers the option to get discount for purchasing this key online.  therefor you are more then welcome to purchase it online and get your tech in 24 hour hours working on your car.


the tech will call you for scheduling and appointment and comming to your location and making the key replacement on site. 


time range for the appointment in 3 hours. 


there's an optional fast emergency locksmith service or same day service for additional fee. 


please call us for faster service.