When do you call a locksmith?

Most people call a locksmith when they:

  • lock themselves out of their car, home or place of business
  • lose the keys to their car, home or place of business
  • break a key inside a lock or the lock doesn’t turn??? properly
  • need to change or rekey the locks in their home or place of business
  • need to re-program the existing transponder key for their car
  • lose or want to change a mailbox lock

How does a good locksmith company respond?

A good locksmith company responds by:

  • answering calls immediately
  • listening to customers to get a clear idea of the problem
  • getting to the customers’ location as fast as possible
  • confirming what the problem is
  • problem-solving to find the best solution
  • quoting the customer a fair price

Why are we THE locksmith company to call?

We are THE locksmith company to call because we:

  • meet all the criteria in #2 above
  • are an owner/operated company
  • can handle all locksmith needs
  • determine if a situation is an emergency and if it isn’t, schedule an appointment and this saves the customer money
  • encourage you to bring the problem to us if possible and this saves the customer money
  • believe there’s nothing secretive or magical about locksmithing – only logical solutions
  • treat customers respectfully and take the time to explain the best solution
  • guarantee our work by offering 3 months of free follow-up service if a problem occurs